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Agility Secure Anonymous Messaging Service


Provide Anonymous Messaging Services via E-Mail or SMS allowing confidential contact and advisory services to be provided. Ideal for Helpline services and organisations that help victims of crime, domestic violence or sexual abuse.

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Secure, Encrypted Anonymous Messaging

Allow confidential and anonymous contact via e-mail, with a simple Web Interface to allow review and responses and advice to be provided. Messages are stored encrypted, and responses can be reviewed before being sent.

Have automatic responses to received messages, block bad senders and much more!

  • From £20/month with a one off initial Setup*
  • None, Unlimited Sending & Receiving
  • Stored at all times encrypted (AES-256)
  • Yes, have replies checked before sending (optional)
  • Have Users, Approvers and Administrators
  • Optional Additional Service

* Initial Setup Costs vary depending on requirements and any custom tailoring of the service that may be required. Monthly Pricing is shown based on a Quarterly Payment via Direct Debit. This service is designed for charity and helpline services and we offer flexibility on service features and work with them. Some features, for example SMS Service may have additional monthly or "per use" costs that apply.